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Father & Son Have Overpass Named In Their Honor After Amazing Rescue

 Brent and Brady Ginther, were honored by the Kansas Highway Patrol for their amazing rescue of a semi-truck driver.

As KWCH-TV reported December 19th the 2 men were travelling in their truck to their farm land.

The son Brady saw the truck driving slowly on the grass median. “I said, ‘What the heck is going on there?’ And all my hired men who were with me in the back said, ‘Well, there’s nobody driving that truck’,” 

The driver had blacked out due to a medical issue while traveling on Interstate 70 in Sherman County.

The truck was heading towards the Kansas Highway 27 overpass in Goodland.

Brady acted swiftly, told his dad to pull alongside the truck, and then jumped onto the passenger side of the truck. Unable to open the door, his father, Brent, threw him a hammer which Brady used to break the window and enter the cab. He managed to stop the truck before it hit overpass.

Troopers emphasized that the Ginther's actions not only saved the truck driver's life but also prevented a potential disaster involving other drivers who would have been on the overpass. The Honorary Trooper awards were presented to the Ginther's by Major Andrew Dean at the Thomas County Justice Center in Colby, acknowledging their heroic deed.


Photo: STEFANI REYNOLDS / AFP / Getty Images

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