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Man Cancels His Birthday Party To Drive 100 Miles To Help Stranger

Greg Basile and his girlfriend were taking the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) train from Radnor to Philadelphia to ring in the New Year when he accidentally left his wallet on the train. He didn’t even realize he’d lost it until he went to check into his hotel and at first he just assumed that he’d left it at home.

At 8:15 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, the doorbell camera at Basile’s home in Wayne rang and when he didn't answer it a man knowing it was recording said, "Hello, I have your wallet. I’m returning it. Found it on my train." He then explained where he would hide it so the man would find it when he got home.

Basile received the message the next morning and was so touched by the thoughtful gesture that wanted to thank the man, or possibly give him a reward, but he had no clue who it was. He contacted Fox 29 Philly who ran the heartwarming story with the Ring Doorbell footage, it was discovered that the man was SEPTA conductor Richard Murray-Dey.

Greg reached out to Richard on social media to thank him.

Earlier this week, Basile got his chance to thank Murray-Dey in person when the two men met up at the Ardmore train station. Richard explained the extra hoops he jumped through to make it happen.

"I called my wife as I was getting off and told her the situation. We decided immediately that even though there was family at my house waiting for me to get home to celebrate my birthday and ring in the New Year that to his house before he started cancelling credit cards and stuff".

It's 55 miles each way.

Greg says “That’s the mark of a great man that cares about people and does the right thing,” Basile says. But Richard says " I was just doing what was in my heart. My party would have been awful if I went through it with this guys wallet on my conscious". Greg says This guy is amazing and I hope we can be friends the rest of my life"!

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