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Family Experiences A Christmas Miracle

Adam and Melissa Bair and their six children had just moved to Las Vegas from Maine and hadn’t even unpacked their stuff when a thief stole their moving truck with their Ford Expedition SUV in tow.

They had parked the truck on the street in front of their new home the day they arrived in Vegas and woke up to find it gone. Inside the truck was practically everything that the family owned and they were devastated. They filed a police report and posted about the family’s bad luck on social media but everyone including the cops assured them that their stuff was already being distributed to pawn shops or sold on line by the next day.

Then on Thanksgiving Day someone sent them a social media message that a truck and SUV matching their description were parked just a couple of blocks away.

Police were sent and amazingly, most of the family’s stuff was still inside the back of the truck.

Melissa says that the thieves stole some valuables from the cab of the truck and a few items from the back, but they’re thankful that most of their stuff including all of their sentimental items were still there. After finding out how common this type of theft is, the family suggests that anyone making a move should get extra insurance for your belongings and take some steps to make stealing your stuff a little more difficult like putting a boot on the tire.

Las Vegas police are shocked that the thieves abandoned hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry, electronics, furniture and more. Adam says it's the first miracle of Christmas.

Beautiful little boy, lying down on the floor, looking at candles, making wishes for Christmas

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