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Surprising Result To Survey On States With The Worst Tippers

Upgraded Points has come out with a new report revealing where in the country people are tipping the highest and lowest for goods and services.

They determined their findings by surveying 3,500 people for a week asking questions about their tipping habits.

The best tippers live in New Hampshire, where 19.6% of residents say they tip 25% or more.

States With The Best Tippers

(percentage who tip 25% or more)

1. New Hampshire (19.6%)

2. Ohio (19.2%)

3. North Carolina (16%)

4. Alabama (15.7%)

4. Iowa (15.7%) 

  • Surprisingly, the state with the stingiest tippers is California, where 74.5% of residents admit to tipping 15% or less.

States With The Worst Tippers

(percentage who tip 15% or less)

1. California (74.5%)

2. Oregon (52%)

3. Idaho (50%)

3. Maryland (50%)

3. Wisconsin (50%)

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