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People Eulogize Their Meals After Making Recipe Mistakes

Social media is filling up with people eulogizing their meals after making a mistake in prep or even worse....

"RIP to my Jell-O. One time, when I was younger and wanted to eat some Jell-O ASAP, I thought: 'Salt makes water boil faster, right?' So, yeah, I went in with that..."

"RIP to my Alfredo sauce after I accidentally grabbed the sweetened heavy whipping cream at the store instead of regular. I didn't even know there was a sweetened version. (My awesome man ate it anyway because we had only been dating a few months.)"

"RIP to my wild-caught salmon — fresh out of the Pacific, and wrapped in brown paper by the fisherman who gifted it to me after I helped him with something a few days prior. It remained on the floor of my office when I left for home an hour later, on a Friday. It was still there when I returned on Monday."

"RIP to the chicken broth that I had cooking in my slow cooker for 30 hours. After it had cooked, I realized that the silica gel absorbent pack from the packaging was in it the entire time."

"RIP to my drunken frozen pizza. I put it in the oven after a night of drinking with friends. I fell asleep. Woke up hungover six hours later to a charcoal pizza puck smoking up my house. I turned off the oven, threw the pizza AND pan out into the snow, and went back to bed."

"RIP to the beef stew I made that had so much potential: I am so, so sorry I left you unattended and got distracted, leaving you too hot for too long. You smelled great...until you were reduced to nothing. Literally nothing."

"RIP to my one and only duck prosciutto. Yep, basically just prosciutto...but made with duck. I watched a recipe on YouTube. I looked for fresh duck breast everywhere. I seasoned you. I washed you. I dried you and cured you. I put you in the fridge and set a reminder for three weeks, and didn't touch you despite how excited I was..."

"It was gonna be a Saturday when you were done. The weather would be perfect. Friday I looked at you, kissed you goodnight, and said 'see you tomorrow.' Saturday morning my alarm rings, and I wake up like it's Christmas. I barely have my shorts on when my phone rings and I'm needed for an urgent shift at work, so I rush there.

I come back to an empty and cleaned-out fridge because my dad decided he was in a 'cleaning mood' that morning. He said, and I quote: 'Well, I saw you didn't touch that duck for three weeks so I threw it out...'"

"RIP my first attempt at eggnog. So many eggs, so little nog. Your clumps will not be forgotten."

"Here lies my homemade chicken bone broth that took four entire chicken carcasses and 16 hours to cook down. The next morning, my dad tossed it because 'it looked weird.'"

Woman looks to pot in frustration, hoping she's cooking

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