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I Declare A Sign War

"One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war"! We all played that game as a kid. Now there's a new game being played in the town of Marshfield Missouri. It all started when the local McDonald's posted on their sign a challenge to their neighbor Dairy Queen. "Hey DQ wanna have a sign war"?

Dairy Queen responded the next day "We would but we're too busy making Ice Cream". McDonald's responded "That's cute. Our ice cream makes itself".

DQ responded "You mean it actually works? Shocker"!

Then a Mexican restaurant posted "Nacho average sign. We have fried ice cream".

A bank posted "Just CHECKING in on the sign war"

McDonald's volleyed back "Wow Salty! Like our world famous fries"

The bank posted "Don't be salty on our account".

DQ was back with "Why dine with a clown when you can eat with a Queen"?

Then a realtor jumped in with "Sign war? We're just here for the show".

The bank was back with "Ice Cream machine broken? We have a loan to fix it".

McDonald's answered What's a milkman in pantyhose? A Dairy Queen"!

DQ responded "Behave or we'll flip you like our blizzard".

The Mansfield chamber of commerce has posted them on their Facebook page.

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