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The Germiest Places On Planes & Hotels May Surprise You

Reckitt's Lysol Pro Solutions is revealing the most germ contaminated surfaces on planes and in hotels, and they aren’t necessarily the places you’d expect. Their scientists used ATP (adenosine triphosphate) analysis to measure contamination levels on surfaces in 10 planes, one airport and 15 hotels across the US.

When it comes to hotel rooms, the germiest surface is toilet handles, and in hotel common areas, elevator buttons are the worst.

At the airport check in lobby the pin-pad at the check-in kiosk is the worst spot for germs, while on the plane it’s a tie between seatbelt buckles, window and shade handles. 

Top Three Germiest Spots in Hotel Rooms

  1. Toilet handles
  2. TV remotes, doorknobs (tied)
  3. Desktops, fridge handles, nightstands(tied)

Top Three Germiest Spots in Hotel Common Areas

  1. Elevator buttons
  2. Luggage cart handrails
  3. Bathroom doors, front desks, elevator handrails(tied) 

Top Three Germiest Spots in Airport Check-in Lobby

  1. Pin pad at check-in kiosks
  2. Check-in countertops
  3. Baggage office countertops

Top Three Germiest Spots in Plane Seat Area

  1. Seatbelt buckles, window shade handles(tied)
  2. Tray table latch
  3. Overhead air vent dials
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