Delivery Driver Helps Little Girl With Her Cancer Battle

WFLA-TV Tampa reports that Amazon delivery driver Asani Anderson was dropping off a package for Lindsay Hutson and noticed signs in the yard that said, “Hope for Aubrey” and “Aubrey will win” in the yard. Aubrey is is Lindsay's 8 year old daughter and is battling stage four cancer.

Anderson hasn't personally met either of them but knew Aubrey was in a fight for her life. He started praying for her right there. The next day he brought chalk with him and added his own message in front of the Hutson home that read, “Amazon is praying for Aubrey. Luv You!” Anderson says love was his motivation for leaving the kind words of support. “I just said ‘I’m about to write this message and I know it’ll warm someone’s heart,’” he says. He was right. It warmed a lot of hearts.

When Aubrey’s mom, Lindsey Hutson discovered the message, she was brought to tears. She shared the story of Anderson's kindness on TikTok, where it’s gone viral. People around the world have been touched by Anderson’s positivity, but no one as much as Aubrey herself. “I felt amazed. Someone I don’t know loves me,” she says. And she needed the message of support more than ever as she goes through more radiation therapy, keeping her spirits up in the hope that she can beat her cancer.

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Photo: Getty Images

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