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Almost Half Of Couples Breakup Over Their First Vacation Together

A new survey finds 47% of people say that a relationship ended after going on vacation together. One main reason is that partners discovered a quirk or habit about their S.O. they just couldn’t get passed, including:

  • Placing dirty laundry on clean sheets instead of in the hamper
  • Chewing loudly with their mouth open
  • Waking up oddly early for no particular reason

Couples reported discovering their partner’s odd obsessions during a trip, with some of the strangest being:

  • Annoyance with their partner over the way they organize their suitcase.
  • Not budging on seat preference on the flight.
  • Not compromising on their preferred side of the hotel bed.

For many, vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but some couples have discovered while on trips that their partner doesn’t see it that way, and would rather over schedule a getaway.

  • 31% say a relationship ended after being woken up too early in the morning.
  • 38% ended things over showing up late to a dinner reservation.
  • 15% called it quits when their partner showed up late to the airport, causing them to miss their flight.

Being together for a full week, couples start learning each other’s bathroom habits, which also ends relationships. 40% of those polled say bad habits like not replacing the toilet paper, or leaving toothpaste smeared on the sick, were things they couldn’t get passed when they got home.

31% discovered their partner’s true nature on vacation, seeing them snap at a flight attendant, tour guide or even them, leading to a breakup. 44% simply realized they and their partner were simply incompatible while on a trip. 

Bad date. Young woman feeling bored during dinner at cafe, unhappy with her boyfriend, disinterested in conversation

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