"Doctors Are Not God" Paralyzed Rock Hill Girl Walks Again

Margaret Bentos-Pereira of Rock Hill SC tells an incredible story about her daughter Natalie. It begins on 1/13/17 when 11 year old Natalie came down for breakfast and talked about her back hurting. They assumed she had slept wrong and it would work itself out in a few days. Things got much worse, really fast!

She collapsed while waiting for the school bus. She could no longer feel her legs. They took her to Piedmont hospital in Rock Hill and after some exams the Doctors decided they needed to airlift her to Charlotte. The ambulance would take too long they explained.

Natalie has the best team of doctors. They did CAT scans and a spinal tap. Natalie was so brave. Our poor girl woke the next day being paralyzed from the upper chest down, T4/5 incomplete. They came to the conclusion from all the tests she had a spinal infarction, which is a spinal stroke. They had every doctor in there trying to find the main cause. To this day, almost five years later, we still don’t know.

Natalie spent a month in the hospital. The Doctors met with Margaret and her husband Gerardo and told them they should be prepared that Natalie would never walk again. My husband, such a believer, told them, ‘My daughter is going to prove you wrong; you wait and see.’

The first three years of her rehab, we got the opportunity to take Natalie to Maryland to Kennedy Krieger Brain and Spinal Institute for inpatient therapy the first year and outpatient the next two during the summer. It was exactly what Natalie needed.

Natalie was surrounded by prayer warriors and she did all the hard work. 4 years later she was walking again. Her mom documents all of this on her Youtube channel. This week is the 5th anniversary and while she has a long way to go, she has already stunned the experts and I have no doubt she will continue to amaze people.

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