What Is SC Favorite Christmas Candy?

CandyStore.com just came out with a list of the favorite Christmas candy by state, revealing the Top three choices for each state. Peppermint Bark seems to be gaining in popularity, with 14 states picking it as their top choice, an increase of three states from last year. Some of the states picking Peppermint Bark as their fave include, California, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas and Michigan. It came in 2nd in South Carolina. Our top 3 are below. Reese’s Cups minis seem to be losing steam, dropping three states this year, and six over the last two. Overall it’s tops in five states including Indiana, Maryland and Oregon. And let’s not forget the very festive Chocolate Santa's, a top pick in six states, including South and North Dakota, Ohio, Mississippi, New Mexico and Maine. Six states also pick Candy Canes as their favorites, including Oklahoma, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Louisiana. And believe it or not, there’s one state, Alabama, which actually picks Reindeer Candy Corn as their favorite.

South Carolina's top 3 Christmas Candies:

Christmas M&M's

Peppermint Bark

Christmas Pez

Decisions, decisions

Photo: Getty Images

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