Americans Expect To Gain This Much Weight During The Holidays

The fourth annual “Writing Off the End of the Year” survey looked a the eating habits of Americans during the winter holidays. It finds that the average person expects to put on about eight pounds over the holidays. And that weight seems to increase each year, with last year folks saying they expected to gain seven pounds, and in 2018 an 2019 it was only six. But while any other time of the year, an eight-pound weight gain would bother folks, that’s not the case over the holiday season.

  • 90% of people plan to simply enjoy the holiday season without worrying about their diet.
  • In fact, 51% of people say they’ve broken a diet over the holiday season.

And it’s easy to see why folks are putting on those extra pounds.

  • 48% of people say they’ve eaten so much over the holidays that it forced them to undo a button on their pants or loosen a belt.
  • 45% say they’ve eaten multiple lunches or dinners in a day.
  • 39% of people say they’ve eaten until they feel sick, unwell or full to the point of bursting.
  • Another 39% specifically wore stretchy clothes to accommodate overeating. 

And it’s pretty apparent a lot of folks take a “there’s always next year” approach to holiday eating.

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