Fast Food Restaurants To Attempt Reusable Packaging

The WSJ reports that Burger King, McDonald’s, and Tim Hortons are trying something new; they’ve signed up with a company called Loop to test reusable cups and sandwich boxes in select locations. Burger King says a refundable deposit will be charged for each package by Burger King, which customers can scan when they’re done and return to Burger King or another Loop collection point. Burger King hasn’t said how much the deposit will be. In the UK the deposit on cups is a pound which is about $1.35 here. The reusable cup lid is thick, and doesn’t fall off when you squeeze it and the plastic insulates so it will stay hot much longer according to press releases.

As for Burger King’s sandwich box? “You can eat half the sandwich and close it up again. You’re not having to wrap it back together in the paper and get mayo everywhere.

In the U.K. McDonald’s says their customers can drop off their reusable coffee cups at Loop bins in participating Tesco stores, and their used Tesco containers at the McDonald’s outlets involved

said. “You’re not having to wrap it back together in the paper and get mayo everywhere.”

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