UPS Driver Saves Motorists In Flood

Hurricane Ida brought flash floods to NJ. UPS driver Nick Dirla was shocked to see roads go from dry to several feet of water in minutes! Nick came upon several stranded cars coming off Highway 22 near Union NJ. Nick said “I tried to go through, and as I went through, the engine totally flooded, just totally went out on me. I look up and I saw a woman on top of her car, which is totally flooded up to the whole entire top of the car, and she’s on top screaming, ‘Help, help! You gotta help me!’”

Nick helped her slide in through the passenger window. “I looked to my left and I see another car with an older couple. They were sitting in their car with water up to their stomach, just sitting there in disbelief." So he dragged them in. Then he started seeing cars float by. A fireman in his personal vehicle got stuck and he then joined their party. A grand total of seven people ended up inside the UPS truck as the waters continued to rise.

Cell service was lost so they ended up walking door to door looking for someone to let them in. One lady said her boyfriend who lived a few streets away could put them up for the night and feed them so she drove them over.

Nick thinks God placed him there to save people. The more I look back on it, I started to think I was in the absolute right place at the absolute right time, because people died a mile and a half from where I was. If I had not broken down, what would have happened to those individuals?”

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