Apple Issues Emergency Security Update

Apple is advising all of its users to update their devices immediately. An emergency software patch was issued after the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab discovered a “zero-click” flaw in iOS security that would let hackers drop spyware in a device even if the owner does nothing.

The spyware can then eavesdrop on your activity or steal data from your device, and any Apple device is vulnerable. The tech giant is asking all users to update their operating system; iPhones and iPads to iOS 14.8, Macs to 11.6, and Apple Watches to 7.6.2.

Ivan Krstic, head of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture, said in a statement that the security threat will not affect “the overwhelming majority of our users,” saying it’s unlikely that hackers would target average users.

Bangkok, Thailand - September 18, 2018 : Apple iPhone 7 showing its screen with Apple logo when it is being updated the software to iOS 12.

Photo: Getty Images

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