High Schooler Starts Business To Provide For His Mom

Kevin Esparza is 14 years old but has become a man by many folks definition. Kevin was a preemie being born after a 5 month pregnancy. The strain that caused his family led to his father abandoning them. His mother Maria had to work 2 jobs while raising Kevin by herself. Maria now has a debilitating combination of arthritis and diabetes which doesn't allow her to work any longer.

Despite his age Kevin decided that unlike his father, hard times mean that family has to do what it can to support each other. Kevin now has to help his mother bathe, comb her hair, brush her teeth and maintain the home.

He isn't old enough to get a job but he can own a business. Kevin had $20 to his name and took all of it to start Big Kevin's Icey Pops. He keeps adding more flavors as his business grows and has now grown it to $5000!

Kevin says: “My mom has been an excellent parent for me: mother and father. For that hard work of raising me, I thank her very much. It’s thanks to her that I’m here. Now it’s my turn to take care of her.”

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