Former Gang Member Saved In Hospital Now Works There

Enrique Rodriquez from New Jersey was a member of the Bloods gang. In 2009 he was shot and left for dead by rival gang members. However his life was saved by the staff at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

When he left the hospital he re assessed his choices. He said he was trying to fill the void in his life of a broken family by joining a gang. He didn't know his dad and his big brother was in prison and his mom worked 2 jobs. “I found God at an extremely troubling period in my life and he showed himself to me when I needed him most. He adopted me into his family where Jesus is my big brother and always there for me. I have done a lot of bad things and mixed with a lot of bad people. I’m just grateful God looked out for me. He has given me the opportunity to start a new life, and music is a huge part of that.”

In 2012 he got a job in housekeeping at the hospital. He started singing to patients to cheer them up. He then started training after work to become a phlebotomist. Today he does that and sings to ICU patients. You can see his videos of him singing to patients on Tik Tok @thesingingphlebotomist

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Photo: Getty Images

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