Amputee Wants To Help Amputee Kids By Crawling To Top Of Mountain

A man in the U.K. who had both of his legs amputated after a spinal injury just climbed a mountain to raise money for kids who have also had amputations. The first Kids Amp Camp, will be in February and it's to help build fitness and confidence after an amputation. Paul Ellis didn’t walk, he left his prosthetic legs at home. Paul crawled up the nine mile trail to the summit of Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales.

It took the 56-year-old 13-hours to reach the top, he says he did the first three miles in about three hours, but the last few miles took him nine hours. Ellis was encouraged by people passing by, "I've got a few blisters on my stumps, blisters on my hands... you're putting your wrist down all the time so my wrists got quite sore.

"But with all the support of the people on the mountain saying 'come on you can do it', that spurs you on.

His climb has raised thousands to send amputee kids to camp.

He was relieved to reach the top and was in good spirits, recalling, “I enjoyed it actually, it was a good day.”

Here's a video highlight of the event


Photo: Getty Images

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