Bell Boy Receives Small Fortune In Favorite Guests Will

A bellboy at a hotel in Turkey formed a friendship with a guest who vacationed there for many years and their bond has really paid off. Taskin Dasdan has worked at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe since 1990 and got to know Charles George Courtney, a visitor from the U.K., during his trips there. Charles spent every Christmas season at the hotel.

Taskin says he knew Courtney was generous, as he had previously given him some money for his children’s education. But when the 87-year-old died this year, the bellboy was shocked to find out he was included in Courtney’s will. In fact Charles family was shocked to discover that the majority of his estate was left to Taskin! He also left smaller amounts to other hotel employees as well.

He’s not revealing the exact amount the British man left to him, only saying it’s a “small fortune” that’s enough for him to not need to work again. But Taskin says he loves his job so much, he plans to continue working anyway. The hotel has named room 401, where Courtney always stayed, “Charlie’s Room.”

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Photo: Getty Images

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