Snoring Is A Big Problem In Most Marriages

A new survey finds: 83% of people either snore or live with someone who does. Men are more likely to be the snorers in a relationship than women (52% vs. 30%).

As for what kind of problems this is causing;

  • 10% of people say they’ve been dumped over snoring issues.
  • Over 25% of people say their partner will wake them to try and quiet them down.
  • 13% say that leads to arguments with their S.O. 

But it’s not just significant others

  • 19% have even avoided sharing a room with a friend on vacation because of it.
  • 12% have even skipped going on public transportation out of fear they’d fall asleep and snore.

As for how people discovered they were a snorer:

  • 75% found out when they were told by another person.
  • 17% realized when they woke themselves up.
  • 30% had someone complain about hearing it through the walls.
  • 22% have had their snoring recorded by a friend or partner. 
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Photo: Getty Images

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