SC Man Is Fixing Up Old Cars And Giving Them To People In Need

Southern Living did an article last week on a man from Awendaw (Charleston County) SC. Eliot Middleton owns Middleton & Maker Village BBQ but besides BBQ he has another passion, cars. Middleton started using his side talent after noticing, during a Thanksgiving food drive, that most people that were picking food up were walking.

Eliot was taught how to work on cars by his dad and they spent many hours rebuilding vehicles together through the years. Eliot's dad passed away last year and Eliot says working on cars makes him feel close to his dad again.

"I like working on cars with a lot of problems because that's my time to relate to my father, speak with him, because that's what we've always done together," he said. "It makes me feel like he's right there. It's helping me as much as it's helping the people, I give the cars to because this is allowing me to cope with the fact that my dad's not here anymore."

"I want to help everybody looking to better themselves when transportation is what's holding them back."

"If you don't have a car; you don't have a career. How will people who have no reliable buses, no Ubers, travel to the city, where they would be able to find bigger jobs at the port authorities or manufacturing centers? They can't walk 40, 50, 60 miles to great jobs— they have to settle for small-end jobs that pay well below what they need to survive."

So far, he’s repaired and donated 33 and after hearing the story, people have donated over 100 cars to the cause for him to repair! That’s the way for a community to come together.

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