Born The Size Of A Grapefruit Baby Boy Beats The Odds

A full pregnancy is 40 weeks. Amanda Green of Bowmanville, Ontario, gave birth a little over halfway through at 23 weeks. Her son Jaxen was born on Feb. 5 and weighed 0.89lbs. He was so small that her wedding ring could slip over his foot and be worn like an anklet.

Amanda's water had actually broke 2 weeks earlier at 21 weeks! Jaxen survived eight days without amniotic fluid around him, the first of many miracles.

The first Doctors she met with told her that there was no chance of survival. Amanda refused to accept that and found a Doctor who put Jaxen's survival chance at 10%. "That's all we need is a Doctor who knows it's possible. Don’t ever let the doctors tell you there is no survival for your baby. Fight with them and fight for them. Miracles do exist.”

Today Jaxen is 7.5 Lbs and doing well. Here's a pic of Amanda holding him for the first time.

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