Joe Exotic Having Contest To Marry Him

Joseph Maldonado-Passage, better known as "Joe Exotic" had his 22 year prison sentence vacated by a federal judge.

Now the 58 year old Tiger King is having a contest to find his next husband. If you're interested you can enter here on his Bachelor King page. I'm going to guess this has something to do with a potential reality show premise. Especially since the questionnaire asks Are you OK being in front of camera's?

The good news is it's highly unlikely that you'll have to consummate the marriage as Joe is being resentenced.

Judge Gregory Phillips reaffirmed Maldonado-Passage's guilt in two murder-for-hire plots but said that because Carol Baskin attended trial proceedings that did not group Maldonado-Passage's two murder-for-hire convictions involving the same victim together – as required by federal guidelines – Maldonado-Passage's current sentence must be vacated. 

It's expected that he'll land a 20 year sentence since he has already served 2 years of the original 22 year sentence.

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