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Columbia SC Ranked As One Of America's Most Underrated Cities

The folks at Commercial Cafe have created a list of the 20 most underrated cities in America based on things like earning potential, home prices, crime rates, and local entertainment. They did this because so many American's have decided after the national quarantine that they want to leave big cities but still have a lot of the conveniences without the high cost of living. The #1 underrated city on their list is Alexandria VA. I would argue that Alexandria is actually part of DC and is very expensive.

So if I removed them from the list, Columbia comes in #5.

#1 Overland KS

#2 Bellevue WA

#3 Fort Collins CO

#4 Cary NC

#5 Columbia SC

By the way Charleston made the list at 12 (#11 if you follow my advice and remove Alexandria).

Columbia, South Carolina Downtown Skyline

Photo: Moment RF

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