South Carolina Gator Solves 24 Year Old Mystery

Adams Run is an unincorporated community near Edisto in the low country of SC. Ned McNeely owns some property there and felt threatened by a 445 pound gator near his house which he also feared was targeting his 3 Labrador Retriever's, so he killed it. Then he took it to Cordray’s in Ravenel for processing and a mystery was solved.

He asked them to check the belly in case he had eaten someone else's dog. Turns out he had eaten at least 5 dogs as there were tags for them in there. One of the tags was still legible with a phone number on it so they called. “I talked to him and he was an older gentleman and he said that he had a lease down on the other side of the river from where the gator was killed, 24 years ago. And that’s what they always figured is the dog got eaten by the gators,” he said.

McNeely added “I’ve always known alligators will take a dog if they get the chance, but how does the spark plug get in there?” Yes you can see from one of the pictures in the Facebook post that there was a spark plug in there along with an old bullet that didn't finish him off. There were also "loads of turtle shells, bobcat claws, and a metal bottle opener.