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Survey Shows Most Americans Enjoy Getting Older

A new survey of 1-thousand adults over 50 asks their thoughts on getting older and what they like best about life after the big 5-0. As far as concerns about aging, the top four are physical health, mobility, mental health and appearance. However 68% of those surveyed said life is better after 50 than before it. In 2000 only 47% thought that their life was better after 50.

And these are the best parts about getting older, according to the poll:

10) A fulfilling romantic life - 9.9% of people surveyed said this was the best thing about aging.

9) Feeling less stressed - 11.4%

8) More stability in life - 17.9%

7) Getting to enjoy a slower pace of life - 18.2%

6) More time to spend with family and friends - 19.4%

5) More time for passions and hobbies - 23.5%

4) Feeling more confident - 26.3%

3) Better handling life’s difficulties - 29.6%

2) Feeling wise - 36.7%

And the number one thing people say is the best part of aging? Having lots of life experience - 56.2%

Seniors at birthday party

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