Guy Regrets Running Out On Bill Returns To Pay It Off

A man who dined and dashed from a restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska, has come back eight months later to make things right. Andy Kriner and his wife, Norann, have owned Kriner’s Diner for 11 years and they say they’ve never seen anything like this in their 35-plus years in the restaurant biz.

The couple received a letter from the man who’d walked out last year without paying his bill. He recently returned to get a meal and paid for the previous one and his new one, then left the Kriners a letter explaining what happened. In the letter, the man explains that he’s in recovery from addiction, he’s sorry for his actions and he hopes the Kriners aren’t mad at him.

The letter moved the couple to tears and they have no hard feelings. “One little word of kindness goes a long way,” Andy says. ‘You never know who's day you’re going to make, ya know, by being nice to somebody. This guy made my day because his letter was so heartfelt.” Asked if he had a message for the man Andy told Anchorage TV station KTUU “Just stay on the road to recovery, and believe in God, and of course, I’m not mad at you. I’m proud of you.”