The Most Bizarre True Crime Story You'll Read Today Comes From NC

This is destined to be a made for TV movie. Not all of the details are clear, but here's the gist. Friday April 2nd 2021 Boone NC resident Anna Marie Choudhary was sentenced to 40 years in prison for her role in one of the most bizarre stories I've ever read.

33 year old Anna Marie has a 31 year old sister Amanda McClure. Their father is 56 year old Larry McClure.

Amanda was involved in a serious relationship with 38 year old John McGuire of Minnesota. It sounds as if the couple had decided to drive to WV so that John could ask Larry for his daughters hand in marriage. They had car trouble in Indiana and Larry told his other daughter to come with him to go rescue the couple and brought them back to his place in WV.

The testimony gets cloudy and weird from there, but somehow on Valentines Day 2019 Larry convinces John to play a "trust game" where the family ties John up. Then they attacked him. His fiance hits him in the heard with a wine bottle which knocked him out. Sometime in there the family decides to make crystal meth but it's a bad batch. The dad then orders the other sister to inject their victim with it to kill him. They then left the room. But it made him stronger and he started to escape to they came in again and dear old dad ordered the other sister to strangle him with a garbage bag which she did. Now this is only a part of it because they said it took 3 days to kill him!

The family then traveled across the state line into Tazewell County, Virginia, a few weeks later and, on March 11, 2019, were married by a Methodist minister, the Daily Telegraph reported. The marriage license indicated that Amanda McClure gave someone else’s name as her biological father.

In September 2019 they were all arrested. At first the dad and his wife/daughter tried to blame it all on Amanda who did admit to being the one to inject him and eventually strangling him. She said her dad told her that if she didn't want anything bad to happen to his grandkids...her children then she would do this. Once the attorneys pointed out to their clients that Anna Marie didn't have a motive like the 2 love birds did, the dad then flipped on his other daughter who is also his wife in a letter wrote a letter to the judge claiming the plot had been launched by his wife/daughter for reasons he didn't completely understand but he suspected it was because she was spending money from his social security disability check.

Last August Dad was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The wife/daughter pled guilty last October and got 40 years.