Tik Toker Marries Woman Who Won His Contest

In a TikTok post that quickly went viral with 1.3 million views, a guy named Gunnar announced that he wanted to “marry someone from TikTok.” "I think people take life too seriously, and I'm just here to prove that it ain't that deep,” he shared. “Life's a game, let's break some norms."

Gunnar promised to fly out the girl he picks to Vegas where they’d get hitched, only asking that applicants be at least 18, and share what sets them above all others vying for the role. After receiving hundreds of messages, one gal soon pulled away from the pack, 24-year-old Danielle Elleinad, whose application was viewed more than 7.6 million times. “I know I have to be the one to take this crazy adventure with you because nothing in life has ever been that serious to me and I've always wanted to get married in some crazy stupid way," she said, offering to pick Gunnar up in her converted ambulance so they could road trip to Vegas together before the wedding.

Folks on TikTok were quickly pleading for Danielle to be Gunnar’s bride and he didn’t disappoint. Once he picked her they decided to wed on Valentine’s Day, and then shared the lead up via social media, including picking out their outfits, celebrating their bachelor and bachelorette parties, taking their road trip to Vegas and more.

They said “I Do” on February 14th, but as for whether their marriage will last that’s another story. Danielle says “The whole goal of this shenanigan was to be spontaneous and have fun while making genuine connections with people. We have done that. Will it be forever? We'll have to see."

"My relationship with Danielle has been super confirming that life is, in fact, a game,” Gunnar shared on Instagram. “You can play it however you wish, with the people you choose. No matter where we're at, Danielle, near or far, just know I'll always be there for you."