Couple Donates COVID Relief Check To Struggling Coffee Shop

A lot of American's have been complaining that COVID relief checks, or some call them stimulus checks are an enormous waste of government. As Reason points out the vast majority of the funds were sent to families who didn't lose their jobs or suffer a major financial downturn because of the quarantines.

One couple in Minnesota that was complaining about it decided to do something about it. They considered banking it or blow it on frivolous stuff. Cory and Emma Behnken decided to make a donation to their favorite coffee shop, Bravo Espresso in Rochester.

The couple works downtown and have been almost daily customers there for nine years now. They’ve kept their jobs during COVID and felt the right thing to do was help out a small business in need. So they paid forward their $600 stimulus payment, donating it to Bravo Espresso owner Andrew Meissner. He says he’ll use the money to keep the lights on and make sure his three employees continue to go home with a paycheck.

Meissner called to thank the Behnkens, he told them how their $600 was a huge help for his business! Cory says “We were frustrated that the government wouldn't make the effort to find out how these billions of our tax dollars could go to help businesses and people who need them so we just did what we thought was best to help in this crisis. We wish everyone would!"

The Behnkens

The Behnkens