Vogue & Kamala Harris Are Now In A Battle

Vogue did a profile piece on Kamala Harris which was supposed to be a puff piece. Lot's of softball questions designed to show what a special woman Kamala is. Now it's all come undone because of Twitter comments. They did everything they could to make this a love fest including hiring Beyoncé’s photographer, Tyler Mitchell – to shoot her in the best possible light.

Vogue has made it very obvious that they like Democrats and do not like Republican's. Melania Trump was an actual super model who was dressed by the worlds top designers and didn't receive any coverage for her 4 years as first lady. Michele Obama was on the cover 3 times and Kamala Harris isn't even in office yet and the love affair was already beginning. But it may be over.

The social media comments regarding the photo Vogue posted of Kamala wearing a black blazer and pants with white top and black and white Converse have been savage.

Most seem to be similar to this one. “Kamala is our FIRST EVER WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT! “PLEASE DO HER JUSTICE and REDO this cover! Dress her like the POWERFUL WOMAN she is! She looks like she's going dumpster diving in this getup! Put her in a background that is regal like she is! Your old drape from the CEO’s office is insulting.”

Then this tweet New York magazine contributor Yashar Ali implied that Kamala and her team felt "blindsided" by Vogue. The agreed upon cover had VP-elect Harris in a powder blue suit. So folks feel blindsided this evening

Vogue is now calling out the Harris team.

VP elect Harris declined Vogue's offer to style her. She brought her own makeup and hair people and wore the clothes she wanted to. As for the background that was hers as well. She thought it would be fun to use the colors of her sorority.

“Our approach to working with Vice President-elect Harris and her team was to capture her as a leader and as a person, and as she was most comfortable, and so we collaborated closely on all creative decisions, including that she would dress and style herself for the shoot.”

So now that people hate the clothes and photo her team is making it look like she is a victim and Vogue wants you to know it's all her.