Good Samaritan Responds To 93 Year Old's Plea To Find Lost Wedding Ring

The most important thing in James Crowley's life was his wife Mary. Sadly she passed away six years ago after being married for 65 years! He still wears the wedding band he put on his finger in 1949 as he will remain married to her till the day he dies.

He lives in the house that he built by hand as a wedding present for his wife in Westerly Rhode Island. The 93-year-old was raking leaves in his yard last week when his ring slipped off his finger while taking his gloves off. “First time that ring was off my finger in 71 years! I really missed it.

James didn't know what to do so he called his daughter, Deidre Miguel who is a nurse in Westerly. She had an idea of posting a plea on Facebook for anyone with a metal detector to come to her childhood home to see if they could find that ring. Ryan Ledbetter had been preparing to put his detector away till next Spring when he saw the post and immediately responded with “I have the Cadillac of metal detectors.

He came to the house the next morning and started looking. Crowley led Ryan over the parts of the yard he had worked on the day before for about 40 minutes without any luck. James became very dejected and said he had no idea how it couldn't be there and went back in the house. Ryan could have easily accepted defeat as well but he said he knew it had to be nearby and about 10 minutes later found the wedding band just a foot or two off the path that they had searched previously.

James is thrilled and Deidre says an early Christmas present to her dad is to have that ring refit to his finger.