10 Most Dangerous Toys Of 2020

Boston-based World Against Toys Causing Harm Inc., a.k.a. W.A.T.C.H. has come out with their annual list of the 10 Worst Toys. Many of the toys have hidden hazards that could put children at risk of injury or death. According to W.A.T.C.H., there are 40,000 toy-related injuries to children each year. Also, a child is brought to the emergency room every three minutes for a toy-related injury.

Toys making the list this year include:

  • Calico Critters Nursery Friends- potential choking hazards.
  • Missile Launcher– potential for eye and facial injuries.
  • Marvel Avengers Vibranium Power Fx Claw -potential for eye and facial injuries.
  • Gloria Owl– potential for ingestion/aspiration injuries.
  • WWE Jumbo Superstar Fists– potential for blunt force and impact injuries.
  • Scientific Explorer Sci-Fi Slime– potential for chemical-related injuries.
  • The Original Boomerang Interactive Stunt UFO –potential for cutting and propeller-related injuries.
  • Boom City Racers Starter Pack– potential for eye and face injuries.
  • My Sweet Love Lots To Love Babies Minis– potential or ingestion and choking injuries.
  • Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber– potential for blunt force and eye injuries.

This always reminds me of the SNL bit from 1976 with Dan Aykroyd as Irwin Mainway defending his toys to an outraged Candice Bergin.