FedEx Driver Buys New Basketball Hoop For Family Whose Old One Broke

A mom in Ohio came home from work to find surprise gifts from an unexpected source: their FedEx driver. In a Facebookpost, Coledo Wheeler shares that she got home and saw a new basketball and new basketball hoop for her son, Elijah, along with a touching note from Aubrey, their FedEx driver.

"I just wanted you and your son to have the best hoop that’ll grow with him and all his friends!,” it reads. “It’s wonderful that you guys shoot hoops with him.”

Coledo said "Aubrey has come around here when Eli and his friends would be playing basketball. Or Dan (her husband) and I are out shooting some hoops with him. She saw Eli cutting the grass one day. Told us it was awesome to start them young. When we showed him he started crying and then we told him who it came from he knew exactly who Aubrey was. He was sobbing how thankful he was".

Coledo says Elijah’s old basketball hoop was in real rough shape and the act of kindness moved her to tears. She writes that Aubrey even came back again bearing more gifts - sandbags to fill the hoop with to to weigh it down. “What an amazing thing she did for him out of pure kindness,” the mom posts. “There are very much still good people in the world and I believe she is the hands of God to us”