Man In Black Voices 4 Trump Hat Booted From Plane For Eating Without A Mask

Philip Ndifon was a passenger on a Southwest airline flight and was kicked off the plane for not wearing his mask while eating a bag of nuts. No one disputes that. However some say it's because of the mask that he lowered and what was on it.

Some say that he was targeted because he was wearing a Trump 2020 mask and a Black Voices For Trump hat. They also ask If he was wearing BLM gear, would they have kicked him off?

Southwest released this statement. “Our reports indicate that a Customer traveling on Flight 2632, with scheduled service from Tampa to Dallas, was asked repeatedly by more than one employee at different times to wear a face mask. The customer did not comply with our crew’s multiple verbal requests — including while boarding the flight before seated,” the company rep said.

He was removed from the flight and placed on another one, the rep said.

“The decision was made to return to the gate and re-accommodate him on a later flight to his final destination after receiving assurances he would comply with our face-covering policy. We regret the inconvenience the situation created for all involved, but our crew must uphold the well-being and comfort of all Passengers.”

Philip was interviewed by Dave Rubin yesterday about the incident. He says he was shocked because he was only given one warning and he showed that he was putting his mask on over his nose, unlike some others on the flight, in between bites and sips off coffee. So he denies that he had multiple verbal requests and he says other people were eating and drinking on the flight as well but only he was thrown off.

As you can see the white man on the isle across from him has his mask down as well but isn't be spoken to by flight attendants. Below that is the video of him being removed.

Trump supporter

Trump supporter