Couple Donates Almost Entire Life Savings To Food Bank

A Wichita couple wanted to do something to help their community in this time of need and decided to give to others who are struggling. Ed and Jane Frederick have donated $100-thousand to the Kansas Food Bank, which has recently seen a huge increase in the number of clients they serve.

Jane is a volunteer at the food bank, so she knows how much their service is in-demand right now. Ed owns a local roofing business and adds that he was fortunate enough to have invested in some stocks when he was a young man which have turned out to be extremely profitable.

These are unprecedented times and everybody needs assistance,” he explains. “Making this donation to the Kansas Food Bank gives them the basics and food, so that’s one worry they may not have to worry about". He adds that he is very concerned for the community in general. We need all the small businesses to survive because of the families they employ. It's about all of us doing well. The government only has money because they tax a percentage of what citizens earn. If the citizens take a dramatic pay cut, the government will take one as well. Then what happens to the social programs that we all recognize do so much good for the less fortunate? I'm thankful that God has allowed my family to be a blessing to our community but I'm praying that He restores our economy quickly so the people who need the help can get it".

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