Taxi Driver Saves Elderly Woman From Massive Scam

A cab driver in Roseville, California helped keep a 92-year-old woman from being scammed out of thousands of dollars. Raj Singh was taking her from her retirement home to the bank when she told him she owed the IRS $25-thousand and was going to get the money to settle her debt, Roseville Police report.

He told her it sounded suspicious and that it could be a scam. She didn’t believe him, but he “pleaded with the woman to reconsider.” She finally agreed to stop at the police station, where an officer confirmed it was a scam.

Police credit Singh for taking time out of his day to help this customer and preventing her from being a victim. He saved her thousands of dollars and Roseville CrimeStoppers rewarded him with a $50 gift card as a thank you.

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