"Miracle man" saves elderly woman who drove into creek

With a slogan like “Miracles do happen here,” Miracle Towing and Recovery of Baker County, Florida promises a lot and they recently delivered on it by saving a woman’s life.Chris Miracle works for his family’s business and was out on a call when he drove past some flashing lights that caught his attention. He stopped to check it out and found a 77-year-old woman stuck in her car that had plunged into a creek.

The driver had apparently veered off the road headfirst into the creek and was trapped in her car. She couldn’t open the door and didn’t have a cell phone, so she turned on her hazard lights, played some gospel music and prayed someone would come help. Not long after, volunteer firefighter Chris Miracle showed up to save her. He called for help, got her out and to top it off, his family’s towing company didn’t charge to tow her car.

“She’d already gone through enough. We didn’t want to charge her anything, and she was grateful,” Miracle explains, adding some advice for the rest of us, “Always be willing to stop and help somebody.”

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