New school teaches entrepreneurs how to employ autistic people

When John D’Eri opened the Rising Tide car wash with his son Thomas, he didn’t only do it because he thought it would be a good business. He was really focused on creating someplace his other son, Andrew,who has autism, could work.

Now the South Florida car wash is going strong and Andrew is one of their hardest workers. The family biz employees 82 other employees with autism, making up 90% of their workforce. Rising Tide even opened up a second location so they could give more people with autism an opportunity and they’re now one of the largest employers of people with autism in the U.S.

“Empowering individuals with autism is a critical issue in today’s world,” Thomas D’Eri explains. “Autism is a valuable diversity, as opposed to a disability that requires sympathy ― and it’s important for communities to understand all that individuals with autism have to offer.”

Now Thomas has launched Rising Tide U. As he explains "this is a road map for parents or really anyone who wants to start a business that empowers individuals with autism through gainful employment". provide road maps for entrepreneurs who wish to start businesses that empower individuals with autism through gainful employment

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