Restaurant worker chases down man robbing woman

A California restaurant employee is being called a hero for jumping in to help a mom fight off a would-be robber outside his work.Julian Surall was working at Ike’s Love and Sandwich Shop in Modesto when a woman out front started yelling as she was fighting off a man trying to steal her purse. Surall and two customers ran out to help the woman, who had her three-year-old child with her in a stroller.

Victoria FitzGerald says she and her son were on their way to eat at Ike’s when the man stopped her to ask for directions, before snatching her bag from the stroller. Luckily, he tripped and she was able to grab the purse back, but they struggled over it and that’s when she screamed for help and Surall ran out. He and the customers chased after the purse snatcher, following him into a nearby business and then pinning him to the ground until police arrived.

The grateful mom thanked Surall and told him he was a hero, but he blew it off. “That’s the way our parents raised us … if you can help somebody, you do that,” the brave young man says. You can see an interview with Julian here.

Here's a video of a grandma fighting off armed robbers who were trying to rob the Subway she works at.

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