Couple takes CPR course and then save stranger

On the way to their son’s soccer game, Michele Kerwin noticed her 62 year old husband, Tim, slowing down the car for no reason. He was unresponsive behind the wheel and didn’t have a pulse, so she put the car in park and got out to help him, yelling for the car behind her to call 911. Luckily for the couple from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, the couple in the car behind them, Joel and Jessica Feih, have both recently trained in CPR.

The Feihs helped Michele get Tim out of the car and onto the street, where they immediately began CPR. Soon after, Whitefish Bay Police arrived on the scene with a defibrillator, which was used to give two jolts into Tim’s heart. The Feihs continued CPR and by the time Tim was loaded in the ambulance, he was able to talk with the paramedics.

The cardiologist later told Michele that 95% of people who have that kind of heart attack don’t survive, it’s called the widowmaker in the medical community. But after less than a week in the hospital and three stents in his wrist, 62-year-old Tim is back at home. He’s extremely grateful to the Feihs for saving his life and had the chance to thank them in person when the couple was awarded the Good Samaritan Award by the Whitefish Bay Police Department. The Feihs say they were “just lucky to be in the right place at the right time.”

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