Mom gets best Mothers Day gift ever with new heart for her baby.

A Florida mom got the most incredible Mother’s Day gift this year when she found out a donor had been found for her five-month-old daughter who desperately needed a heart transplant. Annie Torres of Naples had been searching and waiting for a donor for her baby, Lucia, who had a life-threatening heart condition.

The call of good news the family had been waiting for came in on May 14th and the baby girl received the “perfect heart” the next day at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Baby Lucia will be going home soon, if all continues to go well.

Lucia’s aunt, Liz Vargas, says getting the news on Mother’s Day was special. “For us, it was not coincidence, it was providence. We had been thanking God in our prayers for months that He was going to provide a heart. We also thanked Him for providing the money for this transplant as we are poor".

And sure enough He did! St. Agnes Catholic Church in North Naples raised $65,000 for the family at an April 7 fundraiser.

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