Teacher turns his classroom into a huge game to help learning

Students in Scott Herbert’s eighth grade science class in Alberta, Canada are never bored. How can they be when they’re in the middle of a quest to free the city of Optica Lux? These kids are lucky because Herbert is on the leading edge of a new trend of gamification in education, where teachers use games to “level-up learning.”

The idea of gamification is to use “game mechanics in non-game circumstances,” Herbert explains. It’s supporters say the fun, competition, and reward structures of games can change people’s behaviors.

“Fun is important in humans,” Hebert says – if you’re having fun, you’re more likely to relax, pay attention, and participate. If you’re not – say, if you have to sit in a boring lecture – you tense up and act out.”

On his Youtube page Scott posted this video with the description: This is the trailer I show at the beginning of the year to my gamified science program for Grade 8. I've turned my entire grade 8 program in an action, adventure game where students complete all curricular goals and expectations while playing in a game. It has revolutionized my classroom and increased engagement unlike anything I could have ever hoped.  Credit to Lord of the Rings, Medieval Festivals and others for their content in the re-cutting and editing of this video.  For more on Gamification please check out my website at www.mrhebert.org 

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