Good News Story: Community sending their bus driver to Super Bowl

Beloved school bus driver and die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan Gary Kelmer is heading to the Super Bowl thanks to his New Jersey community. Parents Amy and Izaak Smithwanted to raise money for the trip as a thank you for “Mr. Gary” for his daily kindness, so they set up a GoFundMe page and others were happy to donate.

In just a few days, the crowdfunding campaign raised over $5,000 to send Mr. Gary and his wife to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. A group of parents and students surprised the bus driver with the gift when he pulled up to his last stop in Mount Laurel on Monday afternoon.

Mr. Gary has been driving kids to and from school in Mount Laurel NJ for 27 years, and the people there just love how sweet he is to all of their kids. The donations purchased game tickets, airfare and even got the couple personalized jerseys. Gary says this is a “special dream come true” and admits he’s “ecstatic.”

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