Couple saves 2 lives in separate incidents on the same day!

Vale NC is about an hour west of Charlotte and 30 minutes south of Hickory. And it's home to a super hero couple Roger and Crystal Travis. 

While driving home from visiting family Christmas Eve, Crystal and her 14-year-old daughter, Tori, saw a house on fire and stopped to help. Crystal actually grabbed the baby and rushed her to safety. They got to work helping residents get as much outside and away from the flames, moving baby gear, Christmas gifts, and anything they could. 

Everyone kept moving things until the propane tank exploded and it was too dangerous to go near the house again. And while the mother and daughter were lending a hand with the fire, dad Roger was across town saving a life himself. He’s a former medic and firefighter and he stopped to see why a crowd was gathered outside a mall and found a baby boy had stopped breathing. Roger did CPR on the tot until he started breathing.

“As neighbors and friends, if you see something, stop to help even if you can’t do anything, you can call somebody or hug somebody,” Crystal says. “That could be you sitting in their situation.”

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