Neighbors massive light display to help boy with cancer

An Illinois community is showing their support for a 12-year-old boy and his family as he battles cancer. Amazingly Benicio “Benny” Martinez raised the most money for cancer research before he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016. Treatments have left him immobile and on a ventilator, so some friends found a great way to spread Christmas cheer to him and his family this year.

Tom and Tina Grusecki found out that Benny loves Christmas lights. Their son is a friend of Benny’s, so this year they created a massive light show with more than 200,000 lights, signs and displays which includes a shout out to Benicio to help raise money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which supports Benny in his battle with cancer. So far they’ve raised over $28,000 in Benny’s name.

“It’s amazing,” Benny’s mom, Michelle Martinez, says of the outpouring of support. “We are so grateful. You know, people say ‘I wish there was something more we could do’—they are doing the absolute most they can do, and that is to support us and motivate us to keep going.”

To donate, to Benny’s St. Baldrick’s Foundation "Light the Way" page click here.

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