Amazing story of homeless man helping woman and his reward!

34 year old Johnny Bobbitt Jr., is a homeless man who suffers PTSD after serving as a Marine. He lives under an I-95 overpass in Philly.  27 year old Kate McClure ran out of gas in front of him as she was trying to get to a gas station. Recognizing that a young lady would be in danger walking in this neighborhood Johnny walked up to her car and asked if she was out of gas. He told to her lock her car and stay put while he walked to the gas station, bought her gas with his last $20 and brought it back and filled her tank. 

 She was so thankful for his help, she set up a GoFundMe page to help him get back on his feet.In just a few short days, that GoFundMe fundraising campaign raised $399,000 for Bobbitt. And now he’s shared with his supporters that he’s purchased a new home with some of that money!

Johnny also says he’s going to donate some of his money to an elementary school student who’s working to help another homeless veteran, just like Kate helped him. And he’s encouraging others to do the same by checking out this other vet’s GoFundMe campaign. Now that’s paying it forward!

By the way there's a photo of Johnny below this video of how he looked just a few years ago. 

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