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Dog reunited with owner after missing for 2 years!

Sammy the dog had a happy life in Fremont Nebraska with her owner Peter Johnson and his other dogs Gunner and Sadie.

Johnson, Gunner, Sadie and Sammy went everywhere together. Sammy went along on hunts for shed deer antlers, and she went boating.

Then one morning in October 2015, Sammy and Gunner went outside while another dog, Sadie, stayed in the house.

Gunner came back inside, but Sammy didn’t. Johnson and his friends searched the area for months, put up signs, checked shelters, and posted on social media but never found Sammy. Johnson eventually moved to Denver, Colorado .

Suzanne Davis, is a grandmother in Fremont, said she noticed Sammy last weekend.

“I was in my kitchen when I saw this dog running from one side of my house to the other, playing with my dogs who are in a fence,” she said. Davis wondered about the dog and coaxed it to come to her. She noticed Sammy had a collar, but no dog tags. “You could tell she was living rough. She was so skinny,” Davis said. “She was scared to death of me. I coaxed her into the garage and I almost had to carry her.”

She posted the dogs pics on a community Facebook page for lost dogs. One of Peter's friends called him and told him to take a look. He then called Davis who he asked about certain markings. When she confirmed that they were he called his boss. It was about 9:30pm and said he was going to need a personal day tomorrow. He then drove all night to Nebraska to be reunited with Sammy.

The pup had lost a lot of weight and was skittish at first, but then she came and laid down right at Johnson’s feet. And when she saw the other dogs she’d grown up with, Sammy, Gunner, and Sadie were inseparable. “I’m absolutely happy,” Johnson says. “It’s the best early Christmas present ever.”

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