Woman attempting to adopt 125 kids for Christmas!

Christmas is going to be a lot more merry for some kids in Tampa thanks to Carolyn Smith. She’s adopting 125 kids from the local Boys and Girls Club to throw them an “elaborate winter wonderland” holiday party with presents, Christmas trees, and treats.

Smith mentors at the Boys and Girls Club and has helped throw holiday parties in the past, but this year she’s doing it alone, without the help of larger organizations. She says she really just wants to help these kids’ holiday wishes come true.

“A lot of these families don’t have the money to talk about Santa coming to bring presents, because a lot of them don’t have trees to put them under. It’s more about religion and Jesus Christ and focusing on being grateful for what they do have. But this is a strong calling and passion on my life. Even though I don’t have a big organization to raise money with, there was no doubt in my mind I could do something on my own. My original goal was to at least get one gift for each kid and do a Christmas and candy bar, and now it’s turned into something much bigger.

If you'd like to help her efforts she has started a Go Fund Me page

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