Holocaust survivor donates to wounded US Vets

An 83-year-old Holocaust survivor is donating a million dollars to organizations that help wounded American veterans. Paris native Bernard Darty was only a child then and he spent most of the war hiding from the Nazis. When he was in his 20's Bernard and his family started a store which went on to become a multinational electronics store called Darty Limited. None of that would have been possible without the sacrifices of American's. 

Darty says he vividly remembers the arrival of American troops who landed in Normandy to free them in June 1944. He says without them, he and his family wouldn’t have survived, so the gratitude he feels “for those men is beyond words.”

"Even though more than 70 years have passed since my rescue, it’s not too late to give back," Darty says. "That’s a lesson I hope the next generation recognizes, because it’s all too easy to let procrastination give way to inaction. But action is what brings hope to those who need it."

Bernard and his wife decided to give 1 million dollars to the Wounded Warriers Project! "In giving this donation, I want to thank Americans with all my heart for rescuing us during the war. The gratitude I feel to these men is beyond words. They were saviors, doling out sweets to half-starved, war-worn children who had almost given up hope of freedom. That is why I want to support American veterans—and why I support America. I hope my donation inspires others to do the same".

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